Espace Lady Day was created by Trumpet player Mra Oma as tribute to the one and only jazz singer Billie Holiday.
In Paris in the 1980s, Mra Oma, a professional trumpeter, belonging to the large family of American jazz musicians attached to Paris, developed with musicians and residents of the Barbes district a unique place for rehearsals, concerts, exhibitions around the jazz, the “Studio des Islettes – Jazz à la gout d’Or”. In 2005, following the sale of the building that housed it, this mecca had to close its doors.
Espace Lady Day was created in Bagnolet in 2012 but had to be closed in 2014 due to political reasons.
In 2022 Espace Lady Day  is looking for a space in the Latin Quarter to continue develop it’s  artistic goals.
Today, Espace Lady Day becomes a virtual space with the same goals and is hosting « The New Brotherhood Sextet ».


Espace Lady Day is managed by the non profit organisation:
Association Mimad – The International House for Music, Arts and Dance
Today, MIMAD  aims to relaunch « Espace Lady Day » in the 5th arrondissement brining back to life the heyday when the Left Bank was the center of culture and jazz.


Maison International de la Musique des Arts et de la Danse (MIMAD)

Président – William Davenport

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